The Space Between

The Space Between’ was exhibited at both Vancouver Writers Fest 2015, with Open Book Art Collective, and Ace Art in December 2015. It was inspired by writer Sara Tilley’s novel Duke as well as a collection of letters from the artist’s father.

(Encaustic wax, damar resin, paper, found natural materials)

There is a space between:

Heaven and Hell,

Past and Present,

Reality and Fiction,

Feeling and Addiction, -Us

“Whether they be the ghosts of those we have loved and lost or the specters of inner doubt and unknowing, we are all haunted houses, yet most of us are afraid of meeting the uninvited apparitions that drift quietly through the corridors of our mind. But these messengers carry a word that we need to hear, a word that can not only open us up to new life, but transform the closed communities we find ourselves in.”  Peter Rollins