My Blue Bucket of Gold

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My Blue Bucket of Gold was installed along Carrell and Cordova Street in Vancouver, BC for the month of August, 2015. 

Artist Statement: 

There is a place where all red roads lead to him. Here, I take his old blue knapsack down from the shelf and inspect each sedimentary layer I have uncovered: his letters, his bracelet, my grandmother’s watch. This is all I’ve ever had – all I’ve ever known. I work to weave together scraps, archive notebooks, send out codes into the other dimension and attempt to piece together a map. I go to this place, to these shelves of memories, to listen, to come to know. But the closer I get the further away, from this living urn, he seems to be. He is my treasure hunt with no X, my myth, my ghost. He is My Blue Bucket of Gold.