The pieces from ‘Embodied’ have been displayed at the Langley Centennial Museum and Britannia Art Gallery in 2019 as well as Massey Books July 2020.

‘Uprising: Gathering of the Grandmothers,’ ‘Grandmother Moon/Bloodmoon Rising,’ ‘Felt Sense’ & ‘Do Your Ashes Form a Map?’ (encaustic, eco and ice dyed silk, red clay and thread)

This series explores the ‘felt sense,’ a concept of awareness, intuitiveness and embodiment. Internal bodily awareness. All our experiences have an implicit dimension of sensations that are part of every encoded experience. Even at the level of our genes there are memories encoded within us.  

As we begin to tune in, to feel, to heal, to listen, to know, we may discover a rich and colourful internal geography filled with maps, letters, scars, rivers, emotions, wisdom, pain and love. It is here in the unbound scrolls of myself that I tenderly gather loose and tangled threads, passed down from my ancestors, and continue in the weaving of our story.

These pieces are also an exploration of maternal intergenerational trauma and healing and the ways in which we weave a combination of both into the next generation through our bodies. Red thread has been embroidred into braille like codes through layers of eco-dyed silk and wax. These threads then make their way through five generations of ‘grandmothers.’