No Man Is An Island

‘No Man is an Island’ took part in the 2017 Vancouver Writers Fest and was part of Open Book Art Collective’s exhibition in response to Leanne Dunic’s book, To Love the Coming End. 

Encaustic medium (beeswax wax and damar resin), eco and ice dyed silk, string and plaster.

“Without you. The landscape has changed but it is clear that you were- are, part of it” (To Love The Coming End, p. 97). 

Change is not an isolated event for we are interconnected beings existing in a vast ecological web of relationships. While reading ‘To Love the Coming End’, I too found myself untangling the threads of my own seismic loss. Using the casts of both my body and that of my former partner, this piece became a personal reflection on my changing relational geography and a reminder of the life/death/life cycle apparent in all of nature. By working with natural materials such as wax, silk and eco dye, I was forced to surrender to the unknown and to harness the accidental. Furthermore, working with plaster on a larger scale became a somewhat hilarious, art-imitating-life scenario. I found myself grappling with multiple unexpected plaster disasters, which ultimately lead to hard earned artistic growth.